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Vericare Staffing is a top-rated healthcare staffing agency that provides full-service staffing and recruiting services to large and small healthcare facilities, hospitals, organizations, and schools nationwide. Vericare Staffing strives to connect these institutions with skilled, experienced healthcare professionals who can meet their immediate and long-term staffing needs.

Vericare Staffing offers full-service staffing solutions for various healthcare positions, including Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), Practical Nurses (PNs), Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). By catering to a diverse range of healthcare providers across the industry, Vericare Staffing ensures that it can effectively address the staffing requirements of different institutions.

  • CRNAs

  • PNs

  • RNs

  • LPNs

  • CNAs

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Looking for a new job in healthcare does not have to be stressful, anxious, and exhausting. Our recruiters are here to help you every step of the way. Vericare Staffing invests the time to get to know you and your career goals, so we can find you the right job. Vericare Staffing is unique in our recruiting approach, and we are proud to be.

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We go beyond the resume to find you the ideal match. To do that, our recruiters focus to understand your skills, ambitions, and working style to find and show you jobs that suit not only your professional qualifications but also align with your personal goals.

And we check to make sure that your personality meshes with your new team and your new manager. We’ll also ensure that the company where we place you aligns with your professional and personal goals


We are invested in your healthcare career—not just in finding your next job. At Vericare Staffing, we are like a big family, and we take of our own. We provide ample resources to help you growas a healthcare professional. We work hard to build a foundational partnership for years last. We are here for you.

5 Reasons to Work for Vericare Staffing

  1. We have a pool of employers whether it’s private clients or healthcare organizations that are local and national.
  2. We work according to your availability; we have flexible schedules.
  3. We are embracing healthcare technology and using diverse tech platforms for job applications, job alerts, and interviewing.
  4. We keep safety top of mind and only place our providers with companies that meet our strict standards.
  5. We work for you, but at no cost to you.
What our clients says about us


“I am with Vericare Staffing and LOVE them…they really welcome feedback and are open to hearing what providers need and want.”

Marie, ICU RN
“I appreciate the transparency and support Vericare Staffing has to offer. So glad I chose Vericare Staffing for my first contract!”
Evan H., CRNA
“Knowing that I am working with a company that has my back and put me first, basically, has been really refreshing.”
Dan B., ICU RN
“I have colleagues who get upset when they learn how much I make with Vericare Staffing vs. how much they make. We’re on the same assignment. Same job.”
Jay C., PT
“Being able to develop a relationship with my rep at Vericare Staffing has made this experience just so much better. We work well together.”
Richard, CRNA

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